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大阪家ってどんな店?What's looks like Osakaya



大阪家の歴史Osakaya's history

大阪家が始まったのは昭和55年(1980年)。移り変わりの激しい歌舞伎町の中で、大阪家は多くのお客様に愛され、時代の荒波に揉まれながらも現在までのれんを守り抜いてきました。大阪家をこの場所で37年以上続けてこられたのは、創業より伝わるお好み焼きのレシピのおかげ。大阪家を創業した女将は大阪出身。 女将が地元大阪で慣れ親しんだお好み焼きの味を元に、「秘伝のコナ」のレシピは生まれました。その味は改良が加えられながら今日まで伝わり、37年以上たった現在でも皆様に親しんで頂いております。 賑やかに飲んで、アツアツのお好み焼きを頬張っているお客様を見ると、この味を守り伝えてくれた先代からの「努力」に感謝すると共に、このお好み焼きが本当に多くの方から愛されているんだ、という事を実感するのです。店内はお好み焼き食べて「ハフハフ」しながら生ビールをグイッと飲む。みたいな幸せタイムが溢れています。 お好み焼き、たまに無性に食べたくなりませんか? 大阪家は24時間営業。 今この瞬間、やってます!
Osakaya first opened its doors in the year 55 of the Showa era (1980). Raised in the turbulence of an ever changing Kabukicho District, Osakaya weathered the stormy seas; upheld its reputation through the eras, and is beloved by many. The key to Osakaya’s success for over 37 years is its secret okonomiyaki recipe, birthed by the okami (mother) of Osakaya. It was in her native hometown of Osaka that the okami learned what the true flavour of okonomiyaki is. Taking inspiration from this, she invented the hiden no kona secret recipe, which she continuously improved. 37 years later, to this day, this recipe is loved and savoured by Osakaya customers - regular and new.

大阪家のこだわり 1

While dried bonito flakes form the base of her okonomiyaki batter, it is the dried MA kelp that gives the okonomiyaki its rich and delicious flavor. A generous portion of Yamato potatoes also ensures that the okonomiyaki is fluffy and tender. Osakaya’s distinctive mixture gives the okonomiyaki sauce a sweet twist, while the flavorful bonito flakes dance on top of the sizzling okonomiyaki. Once you start munching on our okonomiyaki, the aroma of the bonito flakes will begin to spread gently in your mouth.

大阪家のこだわり 2

Osakaya is most famous for its okonomiyaki, so this is of course what we recommend you try, first and foremost, but there are also plenty of other teppanyaki style dishes for you to enjoy. These specialities include dishes like spicy cod roe, mochi (rice cakes) and cheese monjayaki, mixed yakisoba (fried noodles), grilled beef steak and vegetable skewers. As many people enjoy teppanyaki, it has become part of Osakaya’s tradition to offer an abundant variety of these delicious and affordable dishes.




東京都新宿歌舞伎町 1-17-12 第一浅川ビル B1F
#B1F Daiichi asakawa building 1-17-12 Kabukicho,
Shinjuku-ku,Tokkyo 160-0021,Japan